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1.  Is this A Reserve Study? 

No, this is not considered a reserve study as a Professional Reserve Analyst will not be completing a site inspection, will not be verifying the adequacy and accuracy of the component list provided to us and will not be providing component specific recommendations (e.g., comments about phasing particular components together for cost efficiencies). The reserve budget reports we are providing are only as accurate as the component information supplied to us. Much of the component involved leg work is done by the Client and the cost savings passed on to them for this reason. This is considered a reserve budget report based on what the Client would like to budget for as opposed to a reserve study which is a professional’s independent assessments and recommendations.  

2.  But we have more than 50 components to include in the report?  

It has been our experience that a large percentage of communities (typically Single Family HOA’s) have less than 50 components and have less complex reserve scenarios; these reserve budget reports are meant for these less complex reserve scenarios. If your community has more than 50 components, we suggest a full reserve study. To order a proposal for a reserve study from us please follow the link here: Reserve Study Proposal